Hottest n Famous Italians Models

Rosaria Cannavo

Rosaria is a television personality in Italy and it just goes to show how smart their programming policies are.

Valentina Dessi

She’s Italian. She’s 20 Years Old. She’s a model. Thanks.

Letizia Filippi

A former Ronaldo WAG and model. Damn I love her.

Federica Ridolfi

Most people think of her as the hottest Italian alive. It’s not a bad argument.

Monica Bellucci

In my eyes, the hottest woman over 40 in the world right now (at least famous person). She’s an actress by the way.

Rossella Brescia

I assume she’s a model. Who cares at this point?

(Some topless)

Melita Toniolo

An aspiring Italian Actress. Please aspire to be in porn. PLEASE.

Yesica Toscanini

Obviously a model. And obviously needs to get their hands on more models like her.

Giorgia Palmas

An Italian Television personality. She also placed second in the 2000 Miss World Competition.

Elisabetta Canalis

Italian model and actress, blah blah.

Sara Tommasi

Another actress and another reason for me to stay home today.

Manuela Arcuri

A “starlet” of the 90’s and early 2000 in Italy. She loves to act. Now she just hangs with famous dudes.

Elena Santarelli

She works with Elite Models and poses topless a lot. Hi.

Elena Barolo

This is the list of the most beautiful Italian women ever. Maybe someone will disagree with this list but still I think that it’s a hard work to create a perfect one.

Giada Pamela De Laurentiis

Giada Pamela De Laurentiis is an Italian American chef, writer, television personality, and the current host of the Food Network programs Everyday Italian, Behind the Bash, Giada’s Weekend Getaways, Giada in Paradise, and Giada at Home. She also appears regularly as a contributor and guest co-host on NBC’s Today. De Laurentiis is the founder of the catering business GDL Foods.

Her cooking program, Everyday Italian, has been broadcast on Food Network since 2003. On her Chefography (a Food Network biography program), she admitted that she never wanted to be in her “family business” of show business. She felt very uncomfortable in front of the camera when she first began hosting Everyday Italian, but has since become more relaxed and open on air. When the program first aired, Food Network received emails accusing the network of hiring a model or actress pretending to cook instead of a real chef.

Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis is an Italian model and actress. A popular personality on Italian television, Canalis had very minor roles in the films Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo and Virgin Territory.

She was also a “velina” in one of Italy’s most popular television shows, Striscia la notizia. In 2007, she hosted the annual music festival, Festivalbar.

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is an Academy Award winning Italian film actress, born Sofia Villani Scicolone. She is widely considered to be the most popular Italian actress of her time and is also famous for being a major international sex symbol.

By the late 1950s, Loren’s star had begun to rise in Hollywood, with films such as 1957’s Boy on a Dolphin and The Pride and the Passion in which she co-starred with Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra. Grant, reportedly, fell so deeply in love with Loren that he ardently proposed marriage, despite her obvious loyalty to Carlo Ponti and Grant’s own union with actress and writer Betsy Drake. Loren refused.

Sara Varone

Born in the ruins of Rome, Italy, with all the stray kittens, Varone’s own sweater kittens have made her into a Televison Personality Star! After finishing her phychology degree, this brainy brunette got bored with continually asking why, so she entered the world of modeling and got a gig on her first game show Uomini e Donne, hosted by Maria de Filippi.

Francesca Lodo

Francesca Lodo was born on Sunday, August 01, 1982 and is a famous model. Being born on Aug 01, Francesca is a Leo.Francesca dated Cristiano Zanetti and amongst other amorous encounters was Alessandro Di pasquale.

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci is an Italian actress and fashion model.In 1988, Bellucci moved to one of Europe’s fashion centers, Milan, where she signed with Elite Model Management. By 1989, she was becoming prominent as a fashion model in Paris and across the Atlantic, in New York City. She posed for Dolce & Gabbana and French ELLE, among others. In that year, Bellucci made the transition to acting and began taking acting classes.

The February 2001 Esquire Magazine’s feature on Desire featured Ms. Bellucci on the cover and in an article on the five senses. In 2003, she was featured in Maxim. In 2004, she topped AskMen’s 100 Most Beautiful Women in the World annual list. Bellucci’s modelling career is managed by Elite+ in NYC. She is considered an Italian sex symbol.She is currently a face of a range of Dior Cosmetics. Bellucci is also signed to Storm Model Management in London.

10 surprising things that improve your sex life

Embracing your booty

You may hate your big behind, but the chances are he secretly loves it. Although a lot of women want smaller butts, research has found that men are attracted to bigger rears because they signal a woman’s fertility.


The time when a salad was a food for girls is gone fellers, and if you want to improve your sex life you better start chomping on the green stuff. Celery releases pheromones when you eat it that turn you on, and in turn makes you more attractive to women.

Sex bans

Denying yourself for short periods will give you a great build up and when you do finally indulge, the sex will be amazing. If you can’t manage a sex ban, instead use the no-touch rule, where you can’t touch your bed buddy, unless you use a “tool”, like a scarf or a feather. 

The Swiss-ball

It turns out that the most fun piece of gym equipment around can also improve your sex life. Guys, you should do Swiss-ball press-ups, whilst girls you should use the Swiss ball to do kegels and ball squeezes. This will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. 


Research suggests that the closer a couple feels to each other the more sex they have. Hugging increases your oxytocin levels – the hormone that makes us feel intimate with the person we’re hugging. So if you want more loving, get cuddling.


Although scars may make you think of pirates, apparently women love them. Men with mild facial scars were ranked as more attractive. For those guys who want a long-term girl though, scars are not the thing to go for. Women said men with scars were not marriage material.

Having another birthday

If you want better sex then it’s time to have another birthday as researchers have found that older people have better sex. They cite better body image, more confidence and a stronger relationship as being the key reasons older people have better sex.

Sucking toes

For many the thought of someone else’s feet makes them queasy, but to a lot of people feet are a big, big turn on. In fact, feet are the most popular fetish, so even if you don’t think you like your partner’s toes maybe it’s time you give them a little attention – you may be surprised. 


Not many people need an excuse to tuck into some chocolate, but if you are one of those people then remember that a few squares of dark chocolate can boost both your energy levels and your mood; in turn this will improve your sex life.

Long legs

We all know that men love long legs, but it seems women like their guys to have a giraffe-like pair of pins too. People whose legs are 5% longer than average are considered more attractive. So if you want more sex invest in some high heeled shoes.

5 qualities that women look for in men

When it comes to attracting the fairer sex, sometimes you’re hit with the sudden realisation that women really are from planet Venus, and bear no resemblance to the ill-informed species that inhabits planet Mars. How the planet earth are you to catch her eye? Here’s the confused guy’s guide to attracting women:

Male quality 1: He is honest and loyal

Prove to your love interest that you are kind, honest, and loyal – a genuinely charming fellow, some may say. Terms such as ‘love rat’ and ‘dirt bag’ weren’t made up just for a laugh you know. Many women have had the unfortunate experience of dating these time-wasters-in-disguise-as-princes on numerous occasions, and rarely does it have a happy ending. In fact, once a woman has dated one of these scheming snakes, boy does she remember it; it takes a long time to rebuild the trust that she once built up only to have it come crashing down, so being honest and loyal will go a long way in impressing her. If you’ve been a scheming little scoundrel in the past, it may be best to keep it quiet now as you have (please say you have) changed. In such circumstances, don’t talk about how you cheated on your ex and broke her heart. This will almost definitely put your potential new flame off for good. In short, be a charming chap and you can’t go far wrong.

Male quality 2: He possesses a good sense of humour

Now, as we’ve got the serious stuff out of the way, let’s move onto the exciting part – humour. Who doesn’t love a good rib-clutching bit of humour that makes us gag for oxygen every now and again? Studies have shown that many women favour humour over looks in a potential partner, so there’s still hope for many of us yet. Just a quick flick through the lonely hearts ads shows that, indeed, a “GSOH” must be one of the most favourable traits in a man. A good sense of humour acts as a natural aphrodisiac and will turn your love interest’s thoughts about you from “okay” to “hey hey!” in less than thirty seconds.

Male quality 3: He has ambition

Men with drive, men with goals, men with a burning desire to get somewhere in life – this ambitious type of gentleman attracts women. We’re not suggesting that you should be climbing the career ladder at break-neck speeds to be deemed as ambitious, but you’ll have a much easier time winning over a woman if you can demonstrate some form of passion, objective, or ambition in life. No woman wants a man who sits around being content doing nothing, so if this is you, things need to change. Fill your life with interests and hobbies – things to talk about when she asks you what you enjoy. Identify where you want to be in life and make it happen. Women will be falling at your feet in no time.

Male quality 4: He practices good hygiene

This is a no-brainer. Whilst your rock star charm may have made the girls drool in school, slicked-back greasy hair, dirt under your nails, and tingeing the air with your body odour won’t get you in the ladies’ good books now chaps (we hope you enjoyed it while it lasted). You don’t have to rival your love interest’s beauty routine to take a pride in your appearance – just put the basic hygiene rules into practice and you’ve mastered the basics. Have a shower, trim your nails, get your hair trimmed, and wear decent clothes. Sloppy is not sexy so scrub up!

Male quality 5: He is dominant and protective

As much as women love to show their independence, scientific studies have suggested that they are subconsciously attracted to dominant, assertive men. This isn’t to say that you should make her feel intimidated and uncomfortable. No woman wants to be slowly backing into a corner as an overzealous man tries to express his affection in the form of a passionate embrace. If a difficult situation arises though, take charge and be protective over her and – as much as you may shudder with panic when you have to remove a spider from the bathroom – try your best to be fearless

Sex tips for busy people

You're finally earning a 6-digit salary, your career's on fast-track. It's tough but you're managing to squeeze in a 45-minute workout three times a week. You also ran your first marathon this year- and can't wait for the next.

In this dream scenario, fit in a forever blinking Blackberry, everyday pressures and a working wife (that = work stress x 2) an increasing number of urban Indian couples are losing their sex lives to ambition and success. Here's how you can avoid the trap...

Remember when you first had a steady girlfriend you couldn't keep your hands off? Your single mates envied your persistent public displays of affection and you'd gloat over those sneaky-quickies that followed. You hated parental restrictions for getting in the way of a five-minute under-the-shirt action and fantasised about a married life, minus the rules and packed with lust. You thought this lust would last forever, didn't you?

Now picture this reality. You're home from a 12-hour workday and an hour-long commute to find her on a conference-call, making throatslitting gestures to her absent boss while you collapse in an exhausted heap on the couch. Forget your favourite wine, you're seriously thinking about drinking a glass of milk every night, you've been told it'll help you sleep. Sex? Shudder- you're almost praying for her to have a headache!

It isn't an exaggeration to say the sex lives of urban couples is in crisis mode these days. Workplaces from hell, killer commutes, bills and loans, snarky colleagues and 24/7 cricket on ESPN, none of it is geared to make you feel sexy. You're not alone. 

According to a recent survey in the US by the National Sleep Foundation, one in four Americans who're married/living with someone say they're mostly too tired to have sex. "I would even say it's an epidemic," said Peter Fraenkel, a New York-based couples therapist, in an interview to CBS's 48 Hours. Another survey reports that nearly half of all married couples in the US have sex only between once and thrice a month.

Yet, sex is a basic need and it's critical to a relationship-not to mention, it's a ton of fun! What you need, then, are ways to factor sex into your life without feeling you're ticking off another task on your bottomless to-do list. Start here!

1. Planning is underrated
Do you show up at airports without booking a flight? No. Leave hotel reservations on vacation to chance? No. Hell, do you show up at a client's without an appointment? Naah. Fact is, planning pays big dividends. Yet, when it comes to sex, planning is considered unexciting. What's really unexciting, however, is the 'spontaneous' sex you're never having but want to nonetheless.

You don't have to detail every aspect of your sex lives ahead of time, but figuring out with your partner how often you both ideally want sex, then working towards making time for it, is hardly rocket science. There's no right and wrong frequency, just what works for the two of you. "My wife and I have been married five years and recently we found we simply weren't getting it on for weeks. 

She was tired or I was, or we had social commitments that exhausted us post-work. I panicked-I mean, I was barely 30 and it looked like my sex life was over! We talked it over and have made a zero-tolerance rule ever since-Friday nights are ours alone. We don't go to parties, events or anywhere else. The only time the rule is broken is if one of us is travelling on work, or if either's parents have anniversaries/birthdays," says Rohan Nadkarni, 31, a Mumbai-based commodities trader. 

"Friends made fun of us in the beginning and there was whining when we didn't show up at a pal's dinner or birthday, but over time everyone respects our choice. We go out to dinner or grab takeaways together-sometimes we'll stay in and cook, talk, open a bottle of wine. It's just the perfect, low-stress way to start a weekend. And most Fridays, we're having sex! Sure, we know it ahead of time. But that only makes it better when, Friday evening I'm driving home from work and I know what the evening-and the whole night- has in store," he laughs.

Have kids? Make one day a week non-negotiable for the two of you, and ignore anyone who says otherwise. Kids who grow up with parents that act like a couple, not just 'mom-dad', are way likelier to have a positive view of relationships in the future.

2. Stay edgy
We've all heard the homily about sex being between the ears and not between the legs; that's as true today as it was when you first heard it. Sex is the outcome of attraction, and attraction isn't a cactus plant-it won't grow on air and water alone. 

It needs all the signs you first showed when you started dating-you stayed fit, dressed hot, laughed often, surprised her, flirted with her publicly, held her hand or put your arm around her waist. You played footsie under tables and had private jokes that no-one else got. You made out in the car and sometimes at parties in the dark. Your connection was intimate, naughty, urgent.

Sure, the urgency will recede, and the need to impress won't be allconsuming. And that's a good thing, it spells the end of initial insecurities about each other. What isn't good? Losing the intimacy that went with it. You can have one without the other, though. Touch each other, make certain gestures or conversations intimate instead of routine, and see how you can keep things simmering.

"I read something in a magazine once that sounded so simple, I didn't see how it could matter," reveals Sanjukta Shankar, 27, Gurgaon-based interior designer who's been dating boyfriend Amit Jindal, 30, for five years. 

"It said touch each other even when there's no need to; like, if I wanted my boyfriend to give me the car keys, for instance, I should reach into his pocket for them instead of asking. So I did; we were at this bar with friends, and I deliberately slid my hands into the back pocket of his jeans to ostensibly get the keys. You will not believe how his eyes widened," she grins. "He was far more 'aware' of me the rest of that evening." That awareness is what keeps you tuned into each other physically. 

3. Sex-up the setting
If Arnab Goswami is the soundtrack to your bedroom encounters, it may explain why you're not in the mood very often. Sexy is a state of mind, even more so for women, who're very sensitive to atmosphere. No, that doesn't mean you turn into a sop with a frilly pink bedroom, but you certainly need to work at setting the tone for a relaxed, seductive space. A few small touches-chillout music, intimate lighting, a couple of candles-go a long way, with little effort.

The bigger challenge? Keeping your bedroom a no-TV zone; ditto for laptops and other stress-inducing gadgets. As for the Blackberry? Keep it on silent and out of arm's reach post 10pm if you want to have any kind of sex life at all!

This isn't all psycho-babble. As early as 30 years ago, Alvin Toffler, legendary futurist, warned us of information overload in his bestselling book Future Shock. Arguing that the human brain has a fi nite ability to process information, he demonstrated that unless we consciously limit how much information we access every day, mental and physical stress are inevitable. And as research has repeatedly shown, the first thing to take a hit when stress strikes a couple's life? Sex!

To prevent your sex life from becoming a victim of information overload, consciously turn your bedroom into a purely leisure zone.

4. Get creative
Half the battle is won when you can get your mind primed to think about sex often, despite a stressed-out, packed schedule. A trick that works? Turn it into a creativity game with your partner. Have a 'sexy' shelf/drawer (lockable, please, unless you'd like to give a nosy maid the shock treatment) in your bedroom to aid creativity: Start with a variety of condoms; lube; a silk scarf; erotic DVDs or even literature; a sex toy or two, if that works for you. Agree that each of you needs to add 'elements' to the shelf on a monthly basis; it'll keep you both thinking of creative things you can use in the bedroom, and put sex front-and-centre on the agenda.

"My girlfriend and I had great sex, but it was fairly typical," says Neeraj Dutt, 38, partner in a New Delhibased consulting fi rm. "Then, on a trip to Germany, I was transiting at Frankfurt airport and saw a 'naughty' shop. I strolled in out of curiosity and it was, of course, a fetishist's dream. The store attendants and other customers were so blase that it gave me the nerve to pick up a fun pair of handcuffs," he laughs. "To be honest, it's been three months and we haven't used them yet, but just bringing them home to Ritika (his girlfriend) has sparked things up hugely. We tease each other about how we'll use them; and who gets to go first."

The benefits aren't limited to the bedroom alone, though. "Sharing something quirky or intimate like this totally makes you closer, it's like a dirty secret only the two of you know," says Neeraj. "Ritika and I have this innuendo thing going on, sometimes even in company, all based on the handcuffs, except no-one else gets the jokes but us. It's sexy and fun, and I'm constantly amazed how one impulse buy has shaken things up so much for us."

5. Quickies exist for a reason
Yes, we've always said sex is something to savour, to bring pleasure and intimacy to your lives. But when your choices are no sex or the instant version? The latter, every single time! You find time to have a shower, read the paper, watch the news or make a couple of quick calls to friends, don't you? Then you've got time for a quickie. And having a quickie doesn't mean one of you is always shortchanged-make a deal where you focus on your pleasure one time, hers the next.

Tip: If sex is always the last thing slotted into your day, it'll invariably get struck off the list, because your body and mind are both typically drained by then. Morning sex, in-the-shower sex, beforedinner sex, got-to-go-out-and-buy-groceries sex; a quickie is great precisely because you can fit it in without needing large doses of time and intimacy. Take the hint and prioritise the act. 

6 Make life simpler
Sometimes, the solution to being too busy or too tired for sex is simply to lessen the load. Sex isn't an add-on, something you fi t in after everything else is done. Instead, if mundane logistics are getting in the way of getting it on, cut some of them out and make your sex life the priority. Wife/girlfriend constantly tired because she gets home from work and hits the kitchen? 

Fix two nights a week to order takeaway and give her some downtime. Nephews and neices running riot all evening? Bribe a young cousin to come look after them while you whisk her off for a real 'date'. You head to the gym for a rigorous session every evening? Sacrilege, I know, but cut it down to four times a week and give yourself a breather. You'll be setting the sheets afire.

5 Tips To Feel Closer To Her

Sigh. I wish every guy had this magical ability to see through what us girls want from them, and then do precisely that. So this post is dedicated to all those clueless boyfriends/husbands; my sincere wish is that you find some answers with this post.

Okay look. Let's face it. We girls are simple creatures. We like to be loved, pampered, spoiled, you know, the works. But, but, but… before you make up your conclusion, know this. Sometimes its just not that simple. And man, you have to keep up.

This nice story on gives a super explanation of how you men can bond better with us women. And trust me, if you follow these instructions, you will have a seriously happy partner (which makes a seriously happy you, right?

Laura Schaefer, the author of 'Man with Farm Seeks Woman with Tractor: The Best and Worst Personal Ads of All Time', wrote this story called 5 tips for bonding with her better, and here are some really reliable (believe me) tips she has given.

These are:

1. Pay attention to the little things

So true. If I mention to my guy while he is off at work, that I just got a really bad cough and cold suddenly, would I be happy if that evening, he brings home a huge family pack of ice-cream (even though it's my favourite)? No. I rest my case.

2. To keep up with her memory, take notes

It's a scientific fact: women remember everything. And that is why the daily planner was invented. So if we ask you to get the ironed clothes from the ironing-guy on your way home, there is a reason why we ask. All you have to do it remember to get it, or wear a crumpled shirt to work tomorrow.

3. Follow her calm lead versus instigating fights

In public places, especially in restaurants, how many times have you wanted to punch the waiter for getting the wrong item? Relax. That's you. But if you want to score extra brownie points with your woman, do keep that aggression (and tone as well) to the minimum and the politeness to the max.

4. Write her a poem… or at least a cute email

Yes. Yes. Yes. I know you guys may not be Lord Byrons and John Keats of the world; but hey, a romantic little handwritten note, or a cute e-card (no excuses, there are sooo many e-card websites) once in a while would be such a bonus … for you.

5. Be her serotonin

Now, there is a reason why women are much more emotional than men. It's a proven fact that women's brains produce much less serotonin — the 'happy' brain chemical — than male brains do. What does that mean? It simply means, we need to vent if we have a hard day at work, and we want your full attention. Also, a foot rub or massage would be such a bonus … again, for you. After all, you are scoring all those points, aren't you?

Try these out and tell me what you think. Leave your comments in the comments space below