Hot Ways to Burn Calories

We all know that some workouts-wink, wink-don't take place at the gym. And now that it's bikini season, every little bit counts. Curious to know how much of a sweat you work up when you and your guy are together, we consulted trainer Brooke Marrone, owner of Brooke Marrone Fitness in NYC, for calorie counts on everything from taking a walk together to 

 Taking a Walk Around the Block 
Calories You Burn: 28 
A 10-minute stroll is an easy-and romantic-way to squeeze in a little physical activity. 

Play-Wrestling Over the Remote 
Calories You Burn: 50 
When you're rolling around for longer than 5 minutes, it's damn good exercise. 

Taking 15-Minute Shower Together 
Calories You Burn: 40 
Forget saving the shower for after the gym-now you can consider it part of your workout. 

10 Minutes of Foreplay 
Calories You Burn: 25 
We say: Just another reason to draw out the frisky business. 

Giving Him a 10-Minute Massage 
Calories You Burn: 48 
All that kneading and rubbing pays off-for his body and for yours. Especially since a hot massage will very likely lead to THIS… 

Making Out for 20 Minutes 
Calories You Burn: 59 
You know how a heated kissing session can lead to some serious heavy breathing? That's because it's the calorie-burning equivalent of 10 minutes on the elliptical…and about a million times sexier. 

Performing Oral Sex on Him 
Calories You Burn: 100 per hour 
Okay, so you're probably not spending a full 60 minutes downtown. (Who has that kind of time?) We just wanted you to think, um, big. 

Receiving Oral Sex 
Calories You Burn: 80 per hour 
Your man probably isn't hanging out south of the border for a full hour, either. But a girl can dream. 

A Five Minute Quickie 
Calories You Burn: 25 
This just might be the most satisfying way to torch calories fast. 

15 Minutes Of Girl-On-Top 
Calories You Burn: 75 
Dudes love this position because it gives them an eyeful of your hot body-and now you know it's helping your body look even hotter. Win win.