Sex and Zodiac Signs

Those moments of intimacy that send you into bouts of passion, is what every couple craves for. But, many a times no matter how hard you try, the sex session is unable to give you enough satisfaction, leaving you tired and dissatisfied. Well, rather than blaming your partner for the same, blame it on your zodiac sign.

Surprised? Then read on to know more. Well, your sex life does have connect with your zodiac signs. As, there are a certain sex positions that work best for you on the basis of the sun sign that you are born under. So, here is a list of sex positions that work best for particular zodiac signs. 

Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are known to be passionate lovers who remain oblivious to any other thing in those moments of ecstasy. And, these couples tend to enjoy athletic sex, and anything that keeps them fully engaged is what they are game for.

So, if you’re an Earth Sign or are indulging in sex with one, then a standing sex position will work best for you. Move your partner up against the wall and her legs wrapped around your waist, this face to face intimacy can do wonders for both of you. 

Water Signs
Well, if you thought that the water signs are more subtle and chilled out, think again. It’s these signs that are known for deep sexual intensity. Scorpio is known to be a sexual stinger, while Pisces can lose themselves in their lovers and same goes for Cancer. What binds these ones is a desire for emotional connection via sexual pleasure.

So, if you are seducing a water sign, then go for ‘Coital Alignment Technique’ as you tend to achieve simultaneous orgasms with this position. In that, start with missionary position and allow the bottom partner to wrap their legs around the top. Or if you are bored of basics, then try ‘starfish’, where both partners lie back with heads in opposite directions, legs in scissor position, for a similar effect.

Air Signs
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are said to be fickle souls and it holds true even for their love life. But, that doesn’t mean they stray – in fact they’re as committed as almost any other mate. However, a healthy dose of fantasy does go a long way with them and they tend to use a little imagination between the sheets. A sit down position will go best for them, where one partner be on top of the other, facing the opposite directions, so that the bottom partner gets a better view from behind. 

Fire Signs
Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the aggressive ones and have some sense of adventure when it comes out to making love. So, if you want to play with fire then you two can actually make some sparks fly by trying the doggie style (for men) and woman on the top (for women). People in these signs like to be in the power position and dominate the other partner.